Animated Corporate Video – Why it’s Crucial to Your Marketing Mix

You’ll find animated corporate video everywhere, from current affairs to finding out how to stop your dog nipping your ankles, we look to web-based animated video to educate, entertain, and inform us. And with many businesses publishing high-quality animated videos to their home pages, online video looks to be the next great frontier in marketing. The Guardian says video is expected to comprise 69% of online consumer traffic, while a full 64% of marketers expect it to play an overwhelming role in their strategies over the next few years. And online video will only get more popular.

We know that the use of animated corporate video is growing and that it works. But why?  What is it that drives people to view? Why is it that online video will eventually eclipse social media in popularity? Here are some reasons why people are watching:



People Trust Video
Unlike text-based sources, where it’s hard to tell quickly if one article is more trustworthy than another, animated videos are incredibly immediate. When people come across a well made video, they pay attention – because they know it took time and expertise, and not just anyone could have made it.

Animated videos are shareable
People don’t share every video – they only share the good content – the videos that are worth sharing over at this website. People share videos that matter to them – because they make them smile, because they are interesting, or because they are moving. Good video will get shared.

Animation is memorable
Watching video stimulates a broad range of senses – auditory, visual and gestural, which makes viewers more likely to remember what they’ve seen. The right combination of music, narration and animation can allow viewers to experience the whole range of human emotion.



That’s why animated explainer videos are a great marketing tool – they shorten your sales cycle, increase conversions, and hopefully boost sales. Online video is no gimmick – it’s a crucial element to a well-rounded marketing strategy. If you’re not making use of video yet, you’ll need to do it soon if you want to thrive in the new marketplace.

Don’t forget to take a look at our showreel to give you some ideas of where animation can take your business.