Our animation studio has produced English and Welsh language explainer videos & corporate animations for customers such as the National Assembly for Wales in Cardiff Bay, The Arts Council for Wales, Cardiff Bus, Swansea University, Cardiff Metropolitan University and St John Wales. Our animators know that a well-crafted corporate video or animation will add essential meaning to your communications – animation  expresses an idea or concept quickly & clearly, capturing the emotion & unique personality of your company in seconds. View our showreel to see what we can do.

Met Couple
DNA Strand
Dog Bark

With offices in Cowbridge and Cardiff, South Wales, Savage and Gray Design animation studios create corporate animations, explainer videos, video indents, motion graphics and promotional videos that engage with your audience and explain your organisation, product or service simply, quickly and dynamically, turning complex messages into dynamic and easy-to-understand social content. We provide scripting, character development, storyboarding, voice-overs and music production as part of our animation service and also produce Welsh language animations as well as in English.

Click here to take a look at our animation showreel to see exactly what we can do for you. Our animations are economical to produce in comparison to live action and they’re great for website use or for live presentations. But the really great thing about a well-crafted online animation is that it makes it possible to show people your ideas, concepts or services in an immediate, clear and understandable way. Simultaneously fast-paced and universally accessible, no other medium can pack so much into a minimal amount of time to such great effect. Recent research also says that four times as many consumers would prefer to watch a video about a product or service than to read about it, and according to YouTube sources, video accounts for 74% of Internet traffic.

We’ve produced highly effective explainer videos and corporate animations for clients such as Cardiff Bus, The National Assembly for Wales in Cardiff Bay, The Arts Council for Wales, Cardiff Metropolitan University, Swansea University and St John Walesfill in your requirements in the form below and let us show you what we can do for you.

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2D & 3D Modelling
Bespoke Music
Bilingual Voice-overs
HD Quality
Click on the images below to see more of our animation, motion graphics and explainer video work...
Animation for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board
Animation: Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

Bi-lingual explainer animation for Cardiff and Vale University Health Board.

Excelerate Explainer Animations

Two 2 minute animations to show different aspects of the Excelerate organisation.

Cardiff Metropolitan University Animation

A dynamic, fun and informative animated explainer video to introduce potential overseas students to the university.

Research Animations: How to help support a breastfeeding mum

Swansea University asked over 1000 mums what helped to create a supportive environment for them to breastfeed more easily in.

Research Animation: Swansea University

An explainer video showing how Swansea University are researching inhibitors to combat insect pests in the wild.

Animation: Cardiff and Vale University Health Board

A fun and informative explainer animation for Health Board staff and key decision makers.

Creative Rural Communities Animation

Creative Rural Communities, based in Cowbridge, near Cardiff, asked Savage and Gray to produced a short animation for their services, with a hand-crafted styling.

Arts Animation Cardiff
Arts Council for Wales – ‘The Arts Matter’ Animation

An animated campaign developed for English and Welsh speakers.

Explainer Video: National Assembly for Wales Animation

Personality, emotion, expression and gesture wrapped in a simple, successful explainer video.

IDP Corporate Animation

Meet Oscar – Overseas Student Central Advice Resource.

Explainer Video: Kickstarter Animated Commercial

An animated commercial for The Bite Release Dog Wand.

Corporate animations
Cardiff Bus: A To B

Are you a smart-phoning supa-shoppa, old-school octopus, iff-bearing bear or loose-shrapnel metaller?

animation studios
Days Contract Hire

Animated explainer video of the Terms & Conditions and Hire returns process.

English and Welsh Animation for WJEC

WJEC asked Savage & Gray to oversee production of a 2-minute animated video to introduce their audience to a new online exam review facility.

corporate video production
St John Wales Corporate Video Production

On Every Street: An animation video.
A first aider on every street in Wales? That’s the challenge St john Cymru have set themselves.
Our corporate video production service tell the story in style.

Pedalcover Animation
Pedalcover Insurance: Animated Corporate Video

A fun animated promo to introduce this unique Insurance company’s services.

Swansea University – Baby Sleep Animation

Swansea University had some great research on the sleep patterns of babies to share with the World. We used kinetic type animation to get their message seen.

corporate animation company
Corporate Animation: Sherpa Explainer Video

Excelerates 3 minute animated video for their unique ‘Sherpa’ product was developed to use in a variety of ways, including exhibition use, face-to-face sales tool, and web presence. The final animation is as unique as the product itself.

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