Many of the explainer videos we develop have a potentially complex message to deliver, especially in the case of the Assembly for Wales animation.

The more a character is equipped to succinctly express that message, through personality, emotion, expression and gesture wrapped in a simple package, the more successful a campaign will be.

We were given a brief that asked to appeal to a strict target demographic, which discounted a lot of character traits. It was clear from the start that the characters we developed for this animation would ideally need to be non-gender and non-ethnicity specific, whilst being able to convey the importance of the Assembly in a fun, accessible, informal and inclusive way. The characters also had to work successfully across all media, from large screens down to smart phones.

Making the characters distinctive was crucial, but key to this project is personality – how a character responds in different situations, in their facial expressions and body language. However ‘boiled down’ and stylised a character is, they can still be injected with appropriate charisma, which will bring them to life in a way that connects with the viewer.

Take a look at the completed animation.

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Character Design
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