Explainer Video Production: Welsh Ambulance Service

When is it not OK to call 999? Our series of animations for the Welsh Ambulance Service explains it all. Here’s a compilation of clips from the videos.

Welsh Ambulance Service - Animated Video Production Image 4
Welsh Ambulance Service - Animated Video Production Image 3
Welsh Ambulance Service - Animated Video Production Image 2
Welsh Ambulance Service - Animated Video Production  Image 1

Meet Woody the wise dog – created for a series of ‘Woody Wise’ animations for The Welsh Ambulance Service. They were looking for an explainer video production service to produce 3 one-minute animations show a variety of situations where a call to the ambulance service wasn’t required, such as having a bad back, suffering from a cough or cold, or getting a bruised arm in a game of football. Savage and Gray Design were invited to develop a series of 999-happy characters for Woody the wise to instructs, and we also produced scripts and storyboards.

Character Design
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