Gamelan at St Davids Hall

We were very excited to produce the new promotional material for Gamelan at St David’s Hall.

Gamelan 600px
Gamelan Front
Gamelan Poster 600px
Fold out poster

Gamelan originates in Indonesia, and this set of double Javanese Gamelan is the only one in Wales. It was bought by the Arts Active Trust at the Hall in 1998.

Gamelan is led from a set of hand-played drums called kendhang. The most common instruments used are metallophones, which are played with mallets and have a range of pitches and play different roles within the ensemble. Other instruments include bamboo flutes, a bowed instrument called a rebab and a string instrument called a siter. Performances may also involve vocalists, from male and female choruses to female soloists.

Gamelan remains an integral part of Indonesian culture, and you can try it for yourself at St David’s Hall. Arts Active runs regular courses here for beginners and for established players to develop their skills.

The group welcomes new members, regardless of previous experience or ability. If you would like to know more, please contact Arts Active on 029 2087 8574, or visit the Arts Active website

Brand Development

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