HyCymru, the Wales Hydrogen Trade Association, will be the membership body to advance the hydrogen economy in Wales in the 2020s.

They are advocates and capacity-builders.

Representing the fuel cell & hydrogen (FCH) and related industries at government level and amongst public and private sector bodies; and within communities in Wales.

HyCymru gather and discuss market intelligence, using networking to collaborate on supply chain synergies which can match the supply and demand of hydrogen for a wide-range of applications. Promoting rapid innovation through sharing knowledge, they provide a business development service which helps to identify project opportunities and provides introductory and brokerage services to their members.

Studio Savage and Gray worked with HyCymru to create their new logo and website to raise their profile and online presence.

Wordpress Website

Custom theme development with a host of unique features.

Mobile First

Flexible template design.

Optimised for Smart phone and tablet.

Logo Design & Branding

Integrated Energy Apps

Sourcing energy data. Calculations made easy.

The site features integration of energy data visualisation by HyCyrmu’s partner Olsights.

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