The Port of Milford Haven is a leading UK port handling over 30 million tonnes of cargo annually.

Their dedicated, experienced teams provide expert solutions in marine operations, cargo handling, shipping layover, marine renewables, freight and passenger ferry services, fisheries, commercial property management, leisure and retail.

Protection of the environment is written into the Port of Milford Haven’s constitution, and is also an inextricable part of being a port that customers, and other port users, can rely on.

External environmental liaison with UK and Welsh Governments, regulators and port sector environmental colleagues is an important element of the environmental responsibilities of the role of the Environmental Manager.

We were delighted to be asked to produce the 2021 Annual Report and Financial Statement, which includes a suite of bespoke character and environment illustrations to encapsulate the port, staff, local environment, and wider community.

Design & Layout
Art Direction
Character Development
Project Management

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