Published on: Monday July 8, 2024

ALPHA is run by DECIPHer, a research centre based at Cardiff University. Staff at DECIPHer carry out research projects looking at how to improve the health of young people. ALPHA stands for Advice Leading to Public Health Advancement, and has been set up for young people aged 14-25 living in Wales who are interested in advising Decipher’s researchers, by discussing and debating their views on public health topics and the research they plan to carry out. We were invited to create two fun animations to explain what it’s all about; one for young people and one for researchers, to encourage both target audiences to work with ALPHA. They were each developed in English and Welsh, along with custom SRT subtitle files. We recorded the voices of a some of the ALPHA team at our Cowbridge studio to use as narrators.

No actual brain donations were required in the making of these videos!

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