Motion Graphics: Where Should I Have My Baby?

Our animation for Swansea University shows that there are many  options for expecting mothers and fathers to consider when deciding where to have their baby.


Research has shown that most women in the UK give birth in hospital but our animation asks ‘is this the best place for all women?’. There are many other options for expecting mothers and fathers to consider such as; Freestanding Midwifery Units (FMU’s), home births with a dedicated midwife or in a traditional obstetric unit in a hospital. A birthplace study by NPEU in 2012 looked at outcomes for thousands of healthy low risk mothers and babies and found that midwifery led units are just as safe as a hospital for women who are having their first baby. In fact mothers are more likely to have a normal birth in this environment and significantly less likely to receive intervention which can often have a negative effect.