Explainer Animation: Velindre University NHS Trust

Bilingual animations for ‘Memory Mates’; a project to help cancer patients with memory problems.


Velindre University NHS Trust invited Savage and Gray Design to create two explainer animations for their ‘Memory Mates’ project, one English language, one Welsh language, both with subtitles. The project was developed to support people going through cancer treatment who might also have memory problems, either brought on by the stress of their treatment or by conditions such as dementia. The aim was to ensure that patients with memory issues would still remember to go to hospital appointments, take medication and follow their doctors advice correctly.

We attended workshops with key stakeholders in the project and worked collaboratively to decide which approach to take for the animations, including character development, tone of voice and script content.

The final animations are designed to be shown in hospital waiting areas as well as online.

Watch the English animation here.

Watch the Welsh animation here.