Swansea University – Baby Sleep Animation

Swansea University had some great research on the sleep patterns of babies to share with the World. We used kinetic type animation to get their message seen.


The College of Human and Health Sciences, Swansea University draws together the disciplines of health, nursing, midwifery, social care, social policy and psychology, with a mission to conduct high quality international research that meets the needs of the people of south-west Wales and beyond. Their most recent research into sleep patterns of babies needed to be shared with their audience, and when there’s a story to be told which has a large amount of potentially complex information to digest, animation using kinetic type is a brilliant medium.

Kinetic typography allows the viewer to experience content in a way that grabs their total attention. As a video medium the process of watching all the way through is more appealing, and more natural, than reading the text in a standard format, where you may lose the reader at the first paragraph. It’s also a great way to add emotion and character to what would otherwise be just static words on screen. The process can give essential emphasis to key phases, help lead the viewer through a story, and aid their understanding of it in a powerful, dynamic and immediate way. And if you want your message to be heard (or seen, in this case) as Swansea University do, then there’s no more direct way.

As well as an emphasis on kinetic type, our final video also featured simple animated graphics to add essential pace to the story.


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