Our new WordPress E-learning website development for Ambulance CPD includes a wide variety of bespoke functionality.

With an online learning platform and membership system at its heart, members can sign-up and register via a secure online payment which unlocks a huge array of online courses, quizzes and video content. Members access the content from their own bespoke member dashboard where their course journey is stored along with completed certificates and accreditations. They can also download their course history and progress.

Site content is written by their Head Content Creator who has a BSc (Hons) and is a HCPC full-time Paramedic and Clinical Governance Lead in their own department. All of the content, quizzes, and answers are stored in our database and referenced. This database is reviewed bi-annually to check for any new updates or changes to any guidelines.

Alongside this, they also have our MSc Paramedics and Senior Paramedics who also add content and spot-check the work, offering any suggestions or changes if needed. They work through different parts of the website, trying the content and reviewing the information.

The Ambulance CPD journey started in 2015 where the Director started www.ambulancecpd.com as part of his BSc (Hons) in Enhanced Paramedic Practice.

A full-time Paramedic himself for a number of years, the website was created to explore the benefits of E-learning within the Pre-hospital environment and how it could benefit staff.

They identified that staff responded positively to on-the-go CPD and a platform that made CPD easy to complete, interesting, and fun. After finishing his Degree, our Director continued to add to Ambulance CPD, creating new CPD content which was different from ‘standard’ E-learning CPD.

The user base of the website continued to grow as more content and varied CPD were added to the site. As interest continued, more developments and expansion were required to continue meeting users’ needs. Soon there were users from outside of the UK logging on to the site to access the CPD content.



Online Learning Portal
Personalised Member Dashboards
Sign Up Payment Integration
Member Management

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