Eakin Surgical (formerly Single Use Surgical), was founded twenty years ago in response to the challenges faced cleaning surgical instruments.

Hospitals identified that difficulty cleaning surgical fine lumen suction tubes meant a high risk of patient-to-patient cross-infection.

Years of consultation with hospitals and clinicians has led to Eakin Surgical developing one of the most comprehensive ranges of single use suction tubes as well as a wide range of other, difficult to clean surgical equipment. Each instrument has been designed to match the high quality, ease of use and functionality of the reusable equivalent, but are guaranteed clean and sterile and deliver cost and efficiency savings.

The company’s mission is to enable safer operations and improved patient outcomes through the provision of high-quality surgical solutions. As such, we continue to work closely with healthcare professionals to identify where products can be improved and bring to market innovative solutions that offer surgical teams the reliable, practical and flexible tools that they rely on.

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