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Mumbai-born Chef Stephen Gomes has lived in Cardiff for the last 16 years, where his signature take on traditional Indian recipes has gained him a place among the most respected chefs in the UK.

Stephen Gomes has held the title of ‘Best UK Indian Chef’ with the prestigious Cobra Good Curry Guide for a large part of the last decade (2007/8/9/10/11/13-14) and was named Goldstar English Curry Chef of the Year (2013) and crowned Goldstar Welsh Curry Chef of the Year (2014). He was also awarded a role of honour for his culinary excellence; received the International Cuisine Award (2009); and was recently honoured as being one of the best Indian Chefs in the world for his charity recipe in the Mood Food guide. He is also a Member of the Craft Guild of Chefs.


SG | The Food Studio has an enviable reputation for producing innovative, imaginative and delicious food designed around the client’s need.


Cookery Classes

The ultimate in Indian cooking experiences – join multi-award winning Chef Stephen Gomes as he takes you on a culinary journey exploring the different styles and skills required in modernist Indian cuisine.

An informative but most of all fun day of hands on cooking, this is perfect for enthusiastic cooks who have a passion for Indian cuisine and enjoy learning new skills in a modern and relaxed environment.

Delivered in their Food Studio kitchens, situated 5 minutes from Moksh in Cardiff, the facilities are state of the art, so get ready to be inspired, educated but above all entertained.


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